TIPS Elak ROGOL dan SEKS Sebelum Kawin

Usya2 topik best kat,aku terjumpa tips tentang cara-cara nak elak seks. Tak semena-mena kin tertarik lalu terus buka entri pasal ni.

Terasa ianya sangat penting untuk kaum wanita. Yerla, kalau tengok kat tv, selalu kes2 hubungan intim sebelum kawin ni terjadi sebab pengaruh si teman lelaki. Oleh itu, aku letak gambar di atas, member2 wanita semua boleh belajar dari gambar di atas. Budak2 remaja pun perlu tau ni.

Di bawah ialah tips tambahan untuk elak dari dirogol:

Listed below are safety tips for you to follow that can reduce your risk of assault and/or rape.

- Secure you car and home. Keep a large flashlight, two quarters, a map of the city you are in and five to ten dollars in your car. The flashlight can be used as a light or weapon; the quarters are for the use of a pay phone; and the five dollars is for car emergencies only (eg., new windshield wipers or gas). Always keep your doors and windows locked and evaluate the effectiveness of the locks. Never open your door to a stranger and never tell them you are alone.

- Avoid unsafe situations and strangers. If you are being followed, go to the nearest police or fire department, or any place where several people will be (convenience stores, gas station, etc.) Walk in groups at night.

- Flee if you are in a potentially dangerous situation. Yell or scream to attract attention. Carry a whistle that will make a loud noise.

- Engage in passive or active resistance. Passive resistance is to think and talk your way out of a situation. Active resistance is to react immediately to startle your attacker. Use any available item (HAIRSPRAY, KEYS, PURSE) as a weapon.

- Think! Keep using your mind to think of alternative actions for escape.

- You are responsible for your own safety. Call your local police department or rape crisis center and set up a schedule for a Law Enforcement Officer to speak to your employees or neighbors.

- Don't let a stranger inside your home to use the phone; make the call for him.

- Never admit that you or a neighbor are home alone.

- Women living alone should use only initials on mailboxes and in telephone listings.

- Leave outside lights on at night, and keep lights on in more than one room.

- If you receive an obscene phone call-hang up-don't react.